How do I know what Web Design company to choose?

Starting up a business and looking for a Vancouver Web design service? Or are you a veteran business owner who feels the need to upgrade or rebrand? Whether your company started yesterday or twenty years ago, having a functional website that performs smoothly and is easy to manage and maintain is vital to the business’ online presence. Not only that, if your website looks dated and out of touch with current tech trends, it will affect how users perceive your business.

As web design changes and morphs in response to tech advances, Vancouver companies will have to periodically look at their websites and determine whether upgrades are called for.
Not all web design companies are equal. Some will take your money and run, others will provide a website that you have the unsettling feeling users will click right through. Knowing whether or not the service is trustworthy can be difficult without keeping some thoughts in mind:
What do you want out of your web designer? If you aren’t clear on that point, do some research on websites of businesses similar to your own. What are you attracted to? What do you find really draws the eye or strikes you? Think about whether or not you would like to implement these things.
Check out their portfolio. A study of their portfolio is a great indicator of how much you’ll like what they produce. Do they have any history in representing businesses like yours? Even if they don’t, do you feel comfortable enough with their existing web design projects to be their first client in your industry? A portfolio is meant to portray a company’s reliability, experience and talent, does it impress you?
Consider the scope of your project when looking at web designers. Can the web design companies you’re looking at handle a complicated website with multiple pages? Will they be able to address all of your various needs, or only some?
Is their size to big or too small?If you’re a small business, you may be tempted to look at a big name web design company because you feel they are trusted and reliable. But consider that the bigger the company, the bigger the clients. You want to be a priority, one of your web design firm’s big names. Your project, while important to them, might yet be second or third fiddle if your business isn’t comparable in size to their other clients. How to gauge? Look at the size of the web design company itself.
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