Avoid Duplicate Site Content for Great SEO results

vancouver seo companyThere is no website that will do well without maintaining good SEO techniques. Search engine optimization is just so important to be ignored by webmasters who want to succeed. What if you are not familiar with SEO strategies? If you are not sure what SEO is all about, and you live in Vancouver, you could just look for a suitable expert to help you. A good Vancouver SEO company will help you avoid SEO errors that could destroy your online business.

One of the errors is duplicate content. There is nothing as damaging as duplicate or copied content when it comes to search engine ranking. Sites that post copied content or content that is just slightly unique do not get noticed by both humans and search engines. What if your web designer created duplicate content without your knowledge? The work of a great Vancouver SEO company is to audit your website content.
It may use its own tools for detecting duplicated content on pages or just make use of Google Webmaster Tools. They may also check your pages in Google’s supplemental results or index. Google stores less significant pages in this section and does not use them in the main results. Some of your pages may be found in Google’s main results or in its supplemental results.
You favorite search engine optimizer should help you find out the pages you have in each section. As soon as these pages are found, comparison with your competitors will be done to determine your level of authoritativeness. A good professional will avoid automated link building at all costs. This short cut is bad for your site’s SEO and should be replaced with organic tactics.
One way that some companies trick their customers is offering to submit a site to thousands of web directories. Some may promise to submit your site manually yet you cannot be so sure? Even if they submit it manually, they may use a similar anchor text and business description all through the process. This may look spammy rather than natural. Some gurus will offer to spin your article so that you can have many versions that can be submitted to various directories.
There is no guarantee that article spinning works and so it may be wise to use a Vancouver SEO company that does not spin and submit bulks of articles with software. It is another short cut that might affect your search engine ranking. As you already know, link building entails reading an article on another site, writing a comment with your site URL in it and then submitting it. This method works when it is done manually rather than with software. When comments are automated, they are usually insensible and irrelevant.

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